1st place in Open A for LeaAnne and Acadia's Catch Me If You Can, CD, RAE, OAJ

LeaAnne and Lucy earned first place for the 2nd leg in Open A obedience.  One more leg and she will have earned the Companion Dog Excellent (CDX).  LeaAnne's grandson, Richard, was so proud of Lucy- and of course we are too!



 Bison loves water sports.  Jaclyn reports that they needed to get Bison a life jacket because she was always in he water, and Jaclyn was afraid she might get tired.

In an email she said, "...she loves being on the boat, we thought she might like the board. Now if we go on the paddle board without her she throws a fit and will even jump off the dock and swim out to the board. We got the life jacket out of necessity because she would jump off the dock without us and we were afraid she'd tucker out without anyone knowing she was in the water."     Who knew that shelties were waterdogs?


4 of the 7 generations of Champion girls

Don Moore brought Ch. Genna over for a visit.  She will be 12 in August.  We took pictures of the 4 generations -
Left to right is youngest to oldest:
GCh. Acadia Stage Presence- "Liza"
            GCh. Acadia Presence of Mind- "Cassia"- mother of Liza
                        Ch. Acadia Peace of Mind- "Dove"-   mother of Cassia
                                   Ch. Acadia It's My Treat- "Genna"   - mother of Dove

It was so exciting to see the girls together.  Genna looks great and it made for a nice afternoon.  In my head I had this "advertisement quality' picture- but 4 dogs at the same time proved to be too difficult for me and Mike to photograph exactly as I had envisioned.  I wish that I had an "assistant" to call who could have  helped me get them "show groomed" and then pay attention to details.  For example, in my favorite picture from the afternoon, my blouse had gaped open-  how come no one noticed?  Although the girls are not all "fluffed up", I don't have make-up on, and the sun was too bright- I LOVE this picture.  I LOVE the girls.


Happy 93rd Birthday Amy!!! You are MORE than an inspiration!

I am So Proud of Amy Brastad and Acadia Essence of Joy, CDX, AXJ, NA, RE.  This video (from ABBA dogs) is her winning run in Excellent Jumpers with Weaves.   Amy turned 93 this month.  She is such an inspiration and I am so proud to claim her as part of the family.


Jumping for joy that spring is around the corner-

Parker on the left- Zing on the right- jumping for joy that daylight saving started which means it MUST be spring soon!!!!  No, really this great picture was taken by owner Tina in February.  What a great picture.  Thanks for sending it Tina.


Westminster 2015

My friend Sharon went with me and Liza to New York city to the Westminster show.  Well, actually, Sharon took me to the show.  Sharon had no problem driving in NY traffic which was something I had no interest in doing.

Westminster used to be 100% in Madison Square Garden- and that was the WORST location for a dog show I have ever been in.  I went 3 times under those circumstances, and showed one time.  It was SO crowded!  and really, just miserable.  A few years ago "The Garden" was undergoing renovations, so and only the main area was available. The Westminster Kennel Club needed to find a new location for the regular breed judging (but the group judging and Best in Show stayed at the Garden).  They rented The Piers- specifically Pier 92 and Pier 94.  It worked well, and they have decided to continue with the arrangement.

The Piers were MUCH better- more spacious, better parking, easier access, more vendors.  I felt like there was enough room to breath- and, I think that more people were able to come to the show.  I enjoyed showing there and think I will be more likely to go back.   Switching gears:

A Funny thing happened on my way to the show (Westminster)....
Sharon and I were at the hotel in NJ and Sharon took Liza out to potty.  When she came back in the room, she asked me if I had sold a dog to someone in MD?  Well, yes....  Sharon said, "there is a women out walking her Flat Coat retriever, and she is rooming with a women that has a sheltie she got from you."  Huh?   The roommate of someone who got a puppy from me is talking to my roommate?  This is funny.  Next thing I know I get a text from Luanne- who has Lucy.  Her text asks, "are you at the Red Roof"  Yup!  She was too!  She was going to Westminster to help her friend.  I asked her what room # she as in, and then called her on the room phone (it was getting too late to go visit).  The whole thing was kind of funny.


New *NATCH* Acadia's Warrior Princess

About a month ago Linda send the following message, "Xena and I are back to agility once again.  I tore the ligament in my foot in January of 2014.  Dang old body of mine keeps getting in the way of agility.  She was going very well before I had that back surgery in 2012.  Then my foot, then her cataract surgery.  She never forgets what to do even with the breaks.  She is one super little dog.  Anyway, I hope to have a great picture with her, a judge, and a NATCH bar soon.  We only need one CHANCES run. 
Here are her latest NADAC titles.
ECC         Elite Chances                           2-3-14
Elite Versatility                                          2-3-14    
O-TN-E    Outstanding Elite Tunnelers     2-23-14
O-EAG-E Outstanding Elite Regular        2-23-14
NATCH Regular                                       3-16-14
NATCH Tunnelers                                    3-29-14
1,000Lifetime Points                                 3-30-14
O-EJC-E  Outstanding Elite Jumpers       3-30-14
O-ECC-E  Outstanding Elite Chances      5-26-14
NATCH Jumpers                                      11-16-14

Thanks again for all your support.  I enjoy this little dog so much and she continues to amaze me."

The North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC), Agility Trial Championship (NATCH) requires a dog and handler team to earn 230 Elite Regular, 130 Elite Regular, 130 Elite Chances, and 130 Elite Jumpers points.

Well, here is the Great Picture with Linda, Xena, and the judge of that last Chances Run.  CONGRATULATIONS  LINDA AND XENA.   We are so proud of you!